Yellowstone National Park is being forced to shut down and remain closed to everyone 


The historic Yellowstone National Park is being forced to shut down and remain closed to everyone for a while due to shocking floods. Now this is not just the park being closed to visitors, the situation has become so dire that the entire park and all those living inside the park need to be evacuated but even this is not possible due to many surrounding roads being washed away or being fully underwater. This flood took everyone by surprise as no one saw this coming and many never expected the Park to have to come to a standstill considering the last time Yellowstone faced such a crisis was back in 1988 when disastrous wildfires required all five entrances of the park to be shut. 

This flooding that has taken everyone by a huge surprise is because of extreme weather changes and calamities like thunderstorms throughout the United States, heavy rainfall in the state of the Park as well as environmental pollution. In fact this time there has been record melting of snow and ice resulting in water levels in the river to reach high crests constantly at the moment. The authority over there, the Sheriff’s Department are taking all the necessary actions along with assistance from the National Guard too with rescues and warnings being provided constantly. This is crucial as there are families that are not only facing serious damage to their homes but also are seeing essential utilities being cut off like electricity and access to drinking water

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