Honduras vs Canada

FIFA World Cup Qualifiers 2 September 2021 – Toronto, ON, CAN Canada Soccer by Martin Bazyl Cyle Larin v Deybi Flores Sponsors partners board Nike

The upcoming match between Honduras and Canada is expected to be an epic bout with both teams having a rich story for the fans on the field and off the field, one that could even have a documentary crew to capture it all. This exciting match of the beautiful game will be held in San Pedro Sula in the Estadio Olímpico Metropolitano at 10 PM, Eastern Time. Now going back to why this game is going to be remarkable, both teams are in a state of do or die as Honduras find themselves having no scope for a loss as they have to win this game in order to keep their dreams alive of winning the CONCACAF Nations League Finals but they can still come second if they lose that is in the Gold Cup. 

The opposing side of Canada is also not in a really great state and needs to win with them lacking practice due to very few matches being played attributed to a scandalous labor dispute among many more issues but there is hope for them as well as the team is seeing star player, Alphonso Davies whom fans have not seen in action since he had been diagnosed with myocarditis caused from the Coronavirus. But the team seems to be ready as well as upon his return Davies scored two spectacular goals winning against Curacao. Throughout all of this the positive predictions are siding towards the Canadians as most fans and analysts see them beating Honduras. 

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